How ConvertCall works in 4 Easy Steps

How ConvertCall works in 4 Easy Steps

Now when we learned the main reasons to use our modern call generator tool, let’s see how it works.

It couldn’t be easier!

1.Set the widget and install ConvertCall on your website

You create a widget for your website in the account (the settings are simple but extremely diverse!). After this the callback button & the widget triggers begin to capture leads on your website.

2. Engage interested web visitors by offering them a free callback in a few seconds

convertcall instalation

When your visitors click on the button or when the active triggers work, the widget form pops up asking for their phone number, promising to call them back in few seconds. Usually it takes between 20 & 30 seconds.

3. Connect to the customer instantly through the phone conversation

ConvertCall app connects manager directly with the potential customer in a successful business conversation (all calls can be recorded by system & rated by visitors).

4. Follow up on the customer with the personalized SMS sent after the call

convert calls to leads

After the call, a personalized SMS will be sent to the customer as a follow up. Also, his data will be saved in the ConvertCall account & can be transferred to one of the integrated CRMs.

Ready to get real sales leads and satisfied clients?

Start using ConvertCall NOW!

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