7 strong PROs to use ConvertCall

7 strong PROs to use ConvertCall

Are you sure that all the interested visitors call you when on your website?

And how many of them actually buy anything from you?

Let’s be honest by failing to provide a quick callback to your potential clients you are losing leads.

But what if you could avoid losing clients and increase the sales of your products or services at the same time?!

Our solution is ConvertCall, the latest callback generating software for Sales and Marketing. It can perfectly work for after-sales and customer support as well.

Here you can find the main reasons why ConvertCall is the best callback option for your business.

1.Stop loosing leads

get leads

The instant callback offered by our widget will stop the potential customer loss caused by the late contact. Offer your clients a callback in seconds and be ready to see the results it brings in a short time!

2. Increase sales and boost the conversion

By stemming the client’s loss, you will double the sales and convert your leads into new customers. ConvertCall will help your sales team members to close the deals straight away on the phone.

3. Provide quick service- save time!

use ConvertCall

Nobody likes wasting time and especially when they have a problem to solve. Be first to contact the client and impress them with the quick and professional approach.

4. Create a relationship with the client

ConvertCall widget is the easy way to engage the customer into conversation. It is not intrusive but helpful. Win your client’s confidence from the beginning and influence their decisions to buy from your website or ask for a quote.

5. Do not miss any client

“Schedule a call” or “write a message” functions available in ConvertCall will allow you to follow up on the clients who cannot answer a call at the very moment for any reason. Do not miss any opportunity to “capture a lead”.

6. Make the communication with the client convenient and free of charge for them

free communication with the client
Free word and sign on a red price tag label on white background 3D illustration.

Phone communication is still the best way to contact the customer. ConvertCall is the modern way to integrate a callback function on your website. Moreover, all the phone calls are absolutely free for the client!

7. Detailed Analytics Provided

With ConvertCall you will get all the detailed information regarding the calls made, call recording useful for the sales department and the messages sent as well as the customer behavior on the widget. Get the notifications regarding the managers’ work and the calls missed or not answered.

Nowadays with the great number of marketing tools available on the market, it is important not to lose the essential ones which will help your business to improve.

ConvertCall is the must for your website!

Try it for FREE NOW!

Find out How ConvertCall works in 4 Easy Steps in our next blog article.

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