5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Customers

5 Reasons Why You’re Losing Customers

You might be losing customers and don’t know why. You think you’re doing all you can to boost your conversion but for some reason, you’re not getting very far; something is bugging your visitor and preventing him or her to purchase from you. We audited customer’s positive and negative experiences and came up with these 5 reasons why you’re losing customers:

1. Unresponsive Website

We have discussed that 83% of people use their mobile phones to run their internet searches, every day, in other posts. When these people enter a site that is almost unreadable, difficult to navigate in and that requires scrolling and zooming in and out efforts, they will exit your site in seconds. You must make sure that your website is built to be responsive to every device available to your potential customer to avoid this issue.

2. Your Phone Number is Not Active on Your Site

Now let’s imagine you’re a customer that doesn’t run from unresponsive websites and stay for longer, searching for your contact information. You find the phone number but when you click on it, it’s inactive. If the unfriendly navigation didn’t aggravate you, this surely will.

3. Long Online Chat Waiting Periods of Time

Online Chat windows were designed to improve communication between potential customers and your company. These widgets are a very helpful tool that boosts conversion and increase sales.

You can find these chat widgets almost on every e-commerce store out there, but when some managers aren’t prompted to respond to a customer’s inquiry, they will exit and be discouraged to ever come back and try to contact you through this method. If you expect your customers to be sitting in front of their screen, waiting for over 10 minutes to get a hold of someone there, you are highly mistaken.

Losing Customers

4. Long Surveys and Contact Forms

Most people appreciate a survey that allows them to rate their user experience with your brand, but some of them can be too extensive and tire the visitor, making them leave without imputing the important information you were seeking to get from them. We know that from a business perspective, the more info you can get from your customer, the better, but don’t go overboard. Long forms and surveys will achieve the opposite of what your goal is.

5. An IVR That Asks Too Many Questions

Nothing can be more upsetting than trying to connect to an actual human being than being answered by an IVR that either doesn’t understand your request or has too many questions for your visitor to answer before connecting them with the correct person/department. People will always rather talk over the phone that fills a form and wait for it to be answered, but if they are greeted by an annoying machine, you can be sure to lose a lot of customers for good.

Wrapping Up

You can spend thousands of dollars on internet advertisement, in your quest to reel in as much traffic to your website, but no matter how much interest people initially may show, you can still lose them if you don’t improve on your site’s facilities.

Audit your website today and find out if you’re guilty of one of these 5 reasons of why you are losing customers, and make sure to fix each one, ASAP!

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