10 Tips on How to Boost Calls from Potential Customers

10 Tips on How to Boost Calls from Potential Customers

The number of incoming calls from leads can equal to the number of actual customers and ROI of some companies. Because this statement is true, here at ConvertCall, we want to encourage our loyal customers to up their call game and close the gap between a potential and an actual customer with these 10 tips on how to boost calls from potential customers.

Here go our tips on How to boost calls, Read on!

  • Phone Number Placement

If your website visitor is not able to easily locate your contact phone number, then, how can you expect them to reach you? Place your phone number in a privileged zone on your site and make sure its visible enough.

phone number everywhere
  • Hyperlink Your Phone number

Imagine that 83% of customers will access your website thru their mobile devices. What if one of them wants to call you after entering your site? You need to hyperlink your number so that potential customers, browsing on their phone can reach you.

  • Install the callback software

Install the widget that will offer your visitors instant free callback in seconds and you will see how your conversion is doubled within a month. Try ConvertCall for FREE.

Boost Calls from Potential Customers
  • Add Your Phone Number to Your Social Media Accounts

People spend most of their daily internet time on social media. Make sure to add your company’s phone number onto them. Facebook even has a call button that will instantly connect your potential customer with you or one of your call managers!

Boost Calls

For every company that wants to receive more calls from its customers, it’s essential to add it to Google My Business; not only is it important for local business search, but it’s also super beneficial when boosting your call stats.

  • Add Your Phone Number on your PPC Campaigns

Adwords have made it possible for leads to call your company through your paid add. Take advantage of this and make sure to add your company’s phone number!

  • Keep Collecting Lead Phone Numbers After Working Hours

Most people will start looking for their individual solutions once they have finished with their own workload, meaning that they will probably find you outside of your working hours. With ConvertCall, you can keep collecting numbers from potential customers and call them the very next day! Customers can schedule their callbacks and all!

  • Use Exit Pop-Ups to Retain Your Customer a Little Longer

retain your customer

Exit Popups are messages that visitors receive before exiting your website. You can set up a trigger that will set this message off when a potential customer is trying to leave your page. Boostools is the platform where you can create this type of on-site messages. Boostools has customizable trigger setting where you can not only set the trigger, but also personalize the message that will pop up onto your customer’s window.  

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